About Link Wallet
LINK Wallet is an FREE electronic Wallet where you can place your money in it by charging the balance of this LINK Wallet and utilize it later on to purchase services that can be bought by LINK Wallet. LINK Wallet is completely free and does not cost you any money for subscription or renewals or anything.

How can I Charge LINK Wallet?
You can charge LINK Wallet online by credit card and also by LINK CARD. If you have a credit card, you can directly charge it online by clicking Charge LINK Wallet. You can also purchase LINK CARD from LINKdotNET Customer Service Offices and use it to charge LINK Wallet by clicking Charge LINK Wallet.

How can I know the Balance in LINK Wallet?
You can always know the balance in your LINK Wallet by clicking LINK Wallet Balance .

Can I see LINK Wallet Usage History?
You can always see all transactions made by LINK Wallet by clicking Payment History.

Do I ever lose my Balance?
No, you can never lose the balance in LINK Wallet. Your balance is always kept for you to use it to buy any of the services available.

Is LINK Wallet Secured?
LINK Wallet is a secured online payment method because your balance is always kept in LINK Wallet and protected so that no one can utilize it except you. Your Link Wallet is either attached to your LINK DSL line or attached to your username which is protected by a password. In both cases, once you create a LINK Wallet, you create a security pin with it so that no one can use your LINK Wallet balance even if he gained access to your account.

Why would I use LINK Wallet?
LINK Wallet is among the safest online payment methods and it allows you to pay large and small payments online without losing any of your money. Also charging LINK Wallet is secured and safe. Charging LINK Wallet is also less frequent than using it to make online payments; therefore, it decreases the risk of putting your credit card on the internet for payments.